Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Year Later

KMail Update March 8, 2010
Date: March 8, 2010 2:44:29 PM

When you're living with a child with developmental delays and dealing daily with his challenges, it is difficult sometimes to step back and see the big picture of his progress. We have been trying to take time along the way to marvel at how far Zachariah has come in the past year.

            - This time last year, he was speaking in one-word phrases. He now has many sentences that he has memorized and is regularly constructing new ones of his own!
            - This time last year, we were just figuring out that he knew his siblings' names by watching to see whether he looked at them when we spoke about them. He now calls them by name and speaks to them!
            - This time last year, we did not have much hope at all for potty training. He now has more successes than failures!
            - Just four months ago, we told a speech/language assessor that he had asked his first question. He now asks questions of us daily!

Please continue to pray for Zachariah, as there are still plenty of hurdles to clear: his speech patterns, in general are still very typical of the autism spectrum ("You all done?" rather than "I'm done," for example); he still has a ways to go with potty training; he needs to progress in the back-and-forth nature of conversation; etc. But please, also, rejoice with us, praise the L0rd with us, thank Him with us for Zachariah's progress!

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