Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Healing Playlist

If you've ever read my regular blog, you know I'm a playlist fanatic. I have a playlist for everything, (almost) every genre of music, every occasion, etc. And ZL's healing is no different.

This playlist is for me. I play it to shore up my faith that God will do what He has promised (more on that in another post). I play it to facilitate my prayer for ZL.

And this playlist is for ZL. I play it occasionally at night (especially after a harder day) as the kids are falling asleep. I want him, in whatever way possible, to have faith for his own journey out of the inability to communicate his feelings and desires.

I this share for those out there who are believing for healing themselves or for someone they love. Or those who would like to join us in believing for ZL's healing. Or those who are doing both.

- "Healer" - Kari Jobe
- "Make Me Whole" - Rachel Milstead
- "God of Miracles" - You Alive
- "Healing Rain" - Michael W. Smith
- "Fall in this Place" - Planetshakers
- "When I Speak Your Name" - Christ for the Nations

All of these songs can be found on iTunes.

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