Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One More

One more recent phrase. I knew there was another one, but I couldn't remember it when I posted earlier.

- "It's broken. It won't work." ZL has a recently-developed fascination with super-heroes. (This is partly due to the plethora of hand-me-down super hero pajamas he has from when we were living in the US when MS was this age. Oh, the money we save by Mommy not being able to wander through Wal Mart and Target on a regular basis.)

We're still in the process of unpacking boxes and a cheap Spider-man surfaced that ZL latched on to and began playing with. It, being cheap, broke quickly. My general policy in these situation is to say, "Oh no, it broke. Guess we have to throw it away," all the while secretly glad that it's another piece of stuff we can get rid of.

While I didn't say this out loud to ZL, when he came to me and said, "It broke," because I wasn't sure he would grasp the whole meaning, I didn't have any intention of fixing it. Not worth it. However, when "It broke," developed into, "It's broken. It won't work,"* I caved. I fixed it (Spider-man's leg pin [apparently, Spider-man was injured in 'Nam] had come out). What mom of a kid on the spectrum can turn down two sentences in a row? Not this one.

*These sentences are thanks to the recent episode of Blue's Clues, "The One in Which Blue Gets Frustrated," that Mommy chose for his viewing pleasure. Okay, so that's not the title, but we've been on a Monk-viewing streak lately, so indulge me.

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